Sun in My Heart


The serene Virginia landscape holds not only Sophie Quinn’s refuge but a world-famous pop star’s escape, a handyman’s secret, and a past that won’t stay buried.

The Sara Browne Series

Get ready to be swept away
by a love that defies all odds.

Handfast, Book 3, now available!


Sun in My Heart

Second place winner in the 2024 Spring BookFest Awards for Romance, New Adult

Flickering Heart

2023 Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal Winner in the Fiction-New Adult genre
2022 First Place Winner for Romance in the Incipere Awards


2022 Honorable Mention for Romance in the Incipere Awards

About Tricia

Since she was a little girl, award-winning author Tricia T. LaRochelle has been obsessed with tragic love stories. No beach reads for her. Bring on the grit with a double side of turmoil. She likes to feel the characters’ anguish as they fight to overcome obstacles to be together. Growing up in central Vermont, she has seen her share of tragedy but remains a hopeful romantic. She now lives in central Virginia where she continues to foster the possibilities of how love can conquer all.

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Tricia LaRochelle


Sun in My Heart

SECOND PLACE WINNER in the 2024 Spring BookFest Awards for Romance, New Adult

Dive into the tumultuous world of Sophie Quinn, a brave young woman trapped in a perilous marriage to her unpredictable husband, Chad. With Chad being a VP in her distant father’s company and the only man her mother ever approved of, breaking free won’t be easy. However, Sophie is determined—knowing that leaving Chad is not just about finding happiness but surviving.

As she takes her first steps towards independence, Sophie crosses paths with Brian, a rugged handyman with a heart of gold, challenging her perceptions of love and trust. Yet, nothing is ever straightforward. When Sophie learns Brian’s connection to Julian Sommers, the world-famous pop star who fell out of the limelight when a deranged fan murdered Julian’s companion and herself in a Vegas hotel room two years prior, the plot thickens. With secrets swirling around her, and a dangerous husband in pursuit, Sophie’s newfound happiness is on the line.

Sun in My Heart speaks to the resilience of the human spirit. We all face challenges, make mistakes, and yearn for redemption. This story offers a mirror to our own vulnerabilities, reminding us that even amidst darkness, love and hope can light the way.

Praise for Sun in My Heart

“Tricia T. LaRochelle’s Sun in My Heart is an emotional rollercoaster, a story skillfully crafted to keep readers engaged and invested in the lives of the characters. The narrative weaves complex relationships, familial dynamics, and personal secrets into a thrilling tale of survival, resilience, and the healing power of love.”
—Readers’ Favorite

“LaRochelle skillfully envelops readers in a poignant, romantic story tinged with tension and intrigue in her latest novel Sun in My Heart. A stirring celebration of the bonds of love, family, and friendship, this is a surefire winner.”
—Prairies Book Review


Flickering Heart

Sara Browne Series Book 1

GOLD MEDAL WINNER for 2023 Readers’ Favorite Fiction – New Adult
FIRST PLACE WINNER for Romance in the 2022 Incipere Awards

Meet Sara Browne, a resilient young woman haunted by a past that orphaned her. As she embarks on her college journey in Charlottesville, Virginia, she hopes to leave behind the shadows of PTSD and embrace a fresh start. In the midst of her journey, Sara unexpectedly finds herself captivated by Scott Williams, a tall, enigmatic man whose charisma is as irresistible as his deep blue eyes.

But not all is serene. Scott’s tumultuous past, rife with jilted ex-lovers, begins to cast doubt on their budding relationship. And then, there’s Rick Sweet—the charismatic son of a senator, who brings with him dire warnings about Scott and his intentions.

Despite her initial hesitation—and the warnings—Sara finds herself irresistibly drawn to Scott, their bond deepening with each shared moment. As the two grow closer, a sinister force threatens Sara and the life she so desperately seeks to reclaim.

Flickering Heart is a testament to every survivor’s journey—a poignant reminder of the battles fought, the scars borne, and the relentless spirit that drives us forward. Readers will find solace in Sara and Scott’s tale, recognizing the innate power we all possess to overcome life’s harshest trials.

Emotional abuse and implied sexual abuse.


Sara Browne Series Book 2

HONORABLE MENTION for Romance in the 2022 Incipere Awards

Continuing from where Flickering Heart left off, Revive plunges back into the life of Sara Browne. As fate deals her yet another devastating blow, Sara wrestles with loss and pain. Seeking solace and rejuvenation, she strives to rebuild with the unwavering support of her love, Scott.

Amidst the challenges of college life and a budding relationship, Sara finds a peculiar allure in the story of Carrie Stevens, a student who mysteriously disappeared the previous year. A tale that leads her down an even darker path.

Scott Williams, Sara’s rock and refuge, navigates the complexities of supporting a loved one battling trauma. As he grapples with his own tempestuous emotions, the unexpected arrival of his father intensifies the storm, revealing to Sara the roots of Scott’s fiery temper.

As Sara delves deeper into Carrie’s enigma, she finds herself ensnared in a web of chilling revelations, threatening to shatter her world and placing her very existence in jeopardy.

An anthem for every survivor and those battling inner and external demons, Revive offers hope and inspiration for anyone seeking to transform their life in the face of overwhelming odds.

Violence and reference to sexual abuse.


Sara Browne Series Book 3

Journey with Sara Browne and Scott into a future brimming with promise. As the couple stands at the precipice of their post-college life, the radiant possibility of their future together is dimmed only by Sara’s lingering heartache over her parents’ absence.

But just as the ghosts of the past seem to have been laid to rest, a mysterious figure at her graduation reignites the embers of chaos. Enter Uncle Aidan from Ireland, who might either be the missing puzzle piece of Sara’s father’s family or another storm brewing on her horizon.

Traverse from Virginia’s academic corridors to the familial embrace of Pennsylvania and Vermont, culminating in the enchanting greens of Ireland. As Sara seeks to connect with Uncle Aidan, she finds herself enveloped in the mystique and allure of Lahinch.

Amidst the bewitching landscapes of Ireland, Sara discovers that Uncle Aidan might be harboring sinister intentions. A message from beyond the grave from her father turns her world inside out. As she grapples with what to do, another dire situation presents itself, forcing Sara to rely on the unlikeliest of saviors.

At its heart, Handfast unravels the intricate dynamics that bind families, past and present. It resonates with anyone who’s ever struggled with their family’s hidden skeletons or sought second chances amid life’s trials.

Sara Browne Series Box Set

Books 1-3

The Sara Browne Series brings the reader on a heart-wrenching journey of redemption, where courage and forgiveness hold the key to unlocking true love.

When eighteen-year-old Sara Browne enters college, she hopes the trauma from her past is behind her. Within no time, a hot, six-foot-three blond named Scott Williams manages to capture her heart. But his love comes with a price, one that Sara may not be able to pay.

Lurking in the shadows, ugliness awaits their beautiful and powerful bond. It will take every ounce of strength for Sara not only to overcome the obstacles before her but to survive and somehow love again.

Praise for the Sara Browne Series

“LaRochelle keeps a tight rein on her winding plot, and the lengths that her vulnerable but strong heroine goes to in order to leave her traumatic past behind make for satisfyingly moving reading. This is as much a novel of suspense as it’s an exploration of grief, trauma, personal choices, and courage in the face of difficulties. A solid sequel with authentic characters and a gratifyingly knotty plot.”
—The Prairies Book Review

“Tricia LaRochelle understands what makes an effective romance story work. She doesn’t just offer a girl-meets-boy setup. What she assembles is an interesting pair of characters with flaws that make them distinct, relatable, and utterly human. She handles Sara’s traumatic past with sensitivity and keen attention to its emotional and psychological components, which makes Sara a convincing and fascinating case study in PTSD.”
—Readers’ Favorite

“Be prepared to consume this book in one sitting—it’s a fairly quick read, and fast-moving enough to be difficult to put down.”

“LaRochelle writes like a pro and delivers a profoundly entertaining romance story with genuinely flawed characters and a deftly handled plot with explosive moments. The prose is dazzling, the first-person narrative voice is expertly executed, and the dialogues sparkle from page to page.”
—The Book Commentary

“This was a fast paced read with a lot going on. The story was extremely layered and the characters had great depth. There were several subjects that were handled with great sensitivity. I can’t wait to read what will happen next in this amazing new series.”
—Reading In the Red Room

“This book has everything: a charming ingénue of a lead character, a blossoming love story that’s impossible not to root for, a group of mean girls lurking in all the dark corners, and a mystery that evolves in a way that’s both menacing and unpredictable. This is a promising debut that begs for a sequel!”
—Kim Catanzarite, award-winning author of the sci-fi thriller series The Jovian Universe

“Tricia LaRochelle has established an excellent beginning to this series, which will certainly continue to delve into these deeper mysteries of our hearts and what it takes to heal them.”
—Craig Allen Heath, author of Where You Will Die


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